Informations is the first and only international commercial portal of Surround Music. Surround music is specifically mixed and produced to be listened on Home Cinema and computers with 5.1-Surround kits, with no change, providing music with different sounds coming from each speakers. This music surrounds you, sometimes dynamically. It is an experience that revolutionizes the world of music, whatever the style !

You can get a similar sound experience with 5.1-Concert DVDs, but some of our artists go even beyond with whole music tracks especially composed for Surround. You can now enjoy this over the Internet by downloading our files.

You can listen to albums on computers with 5.1-Surround kits but also burn your own Surround CD, which can play Dolby Digital 5.1 on your Home Cinema DVD player and again without changing anything about your hardware (if compatible). We provide test files on our Test page. Surround CDs are not compatible with normal stereo CD-players. hosts a monthly selection of quality artists, often independent, often new talents, according to varied musical styles. We also put the artists in relation with our partners if they want to be part of our monthly selection, via the "Artists" webpage. We don't aim quantity but quality.

You generally have a stereo preview of each title. You can download for the same price all available files of a same song or album in several surround-audio formats, plus mp3-stereo for your « old stereo » equipment. The zipped-album contains the back & front CD covers. The surround-audio formats and files are engineered by our partner DBR Prod, expert company in Surround Music Production, in order to achieve maximum quality and, most of all, compatibility.

Even if we don't use DRM, the songs are copyrighted and not free. You can pay with credit card and Paypal/ For those living in French-speaking countries, we have a partnership with the e-payment company TicketSurf, for electronic payment codes.

In order to buy music on, just open an account with your e-mail, pay online and voilà ! No other information is mandatory. No monthly subscription fees.

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