Eggblister is a French alternative rock band. All the lyrics to the songs are in English, despite pressure from the French media to produce songs in the home-language ; perhaps due to the fact that half of the band is of British origin and also for the belief that the art of music should have nothing to do with any form of nationalism whatsoever. What counts is the music ; sometimes heavy, sometimes soft. Sometimes funky, sometimes punky. Eggblister’s sound is built upon a tight and tasty bass and drum section which upholds aerial guitar riffs and a melodic feminine voice. Most compositions are the fruit of spontaneous improvisation. On stage, Eggblister will put together a variety of moods, flying high, creeping low, dashing fast, walking slow ; one will be enchanted by the occasional little ballad, then knocked out for six by the thump of bass, drum and distortion just waiting round the corner. The band finds its influence among the repertories of widely varied bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, No doubt, The Police, Queens Of The Stone Age or Jeff Buckley. The four members of the band started sparking up their stuff early in the year 2008.



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